2010.09.30 (Thu)

OpenHouse Oct 3

Hello Friends,

Come and join us OPEN-HOUSE at Sunday, 3rd October from 2 pm ~ 4 pm, in the ‘Lounge’ at Emmanuel Church Centre, 43 Forest Road. Your hosts will be Philip Lees and Naomi Jones + other volunteers. Bring a friend with you - OPEN-HOUSE is especially for overseas visitors to L’boro.

At this time of the year students, academics, and multinational employees (with their families!) arrive from other parts of the world to work and study in Loughborough. Arriving in a different country, with an unfamiliar language and ‘strange’ customs can be quite frightening, and many may be lonely or homesick. To help them make new friends in the UK please invite them to OPEN-HOUSE 〜 we are always pleased to welcome newcomers and help them settle 〜 offering hospitality is a very important part of our Christian teaching and culture.

May you all know God’s blessing,


Getting Chilly ??

It may be rather chilly today,
but the climate in Charnwood (Loughborough) was certainly much
different in the past.
In 1938 the remains of a Wooly Rhinoceros was found
in the village of Quorn,
dating from approximately 37,000 years ago!

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