2010.11.24 (Wed)

OpenHouse Nov 28

Hello Friends,

We all enjoyed a really wonderful Concert last Sunday – congratulations and a big ‘Thankyou’ to everyone who worked so hard to make it a success.

Saturday, 27th November, is the beginning of ‘Advent’ – the time leading up to the birth date of Jesus Christ. As you know, Christmas is a time of thanksgiving and celebration for Christians around the world.

Come and join us at OPEN-HOUSE on Sunday, 28th November from 2 pm - 4 pm, in the ‘Lounge’ at Emmanuel Church Centre, 43 Forest Road. Your hosts will be Aaron Anstey and Wendy Taylor + other volunteers. Bring a friend with you - OPEN-HOUSE is especially for overseas visitors to L’boro.

On Sunday, 5th December you are invited to the International Tea at John Storer House from 5 pm until 7 pm. It’s a ‘Bring-and-Share’ meal, followed by a challenging talk by Bryan Shingler on ‘Christmas – What Does it Mean?’ Everyone is invited, and you can get more information on 01509 822 295 and info@sfellowship.org. See you there!

The OPEN-HOUSE CHRISTMAS DINNER will be superbly cooked for you on the evening of Tuesday, December 7th, and begins at 7 pm. Tickets are £2 each and you can put your name on the List and buy your ticket at OPEN-HOUSE next Sunday. A traditionally cooked Roast Dinner and Party ~ don’t miss the opportunity to come to this lovely event.

May you all know God’s blessing,



Several people have asked what 'Bring-and-Share' means; it is a very popular concept in the UK. We all like to ask our friends to a party or meal – and we all like going to meals and parties. But that can be time-consuming and expensive. So, we have 'Bring-and-Share' parties and meals where the host/hostess provides the venue and basics - and the guests provide everything else.

Whenever you are invited to a 'Bring-and-Share' party, meal, the idea is that every guest brings something to eat and drink - and it all goes on a table to be shared with everybody else. So, if everybody brings something different, then we all enjoy an interesting meal together.

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