2011.06.29 (Wed)

OpenHouse July 3

Hello Friends,

Join us at OPEN-HOUSE on next Sunday afternoon, 3rd July. Meeting from 2 pm - 4 pm in the ‘Lounge’ at Emmanuel Church Centre, 43 Forest Road. Guy Stokes and Naomi Jones will be your hosts, with other volunteers. Bring a friend with you - OPEN-HOUSE is especially for overseas visitors to L’boro; students, academics, employees, families or singles, children and adults; everyone for whom the U.K. is a ‘foreign’ land!

Come with us to Nottingham! WHY? Because on Saturday, 9th July we plan to visit Nottingham Castle, and on Saturday 16th July we shall spend the day at Wollaton Hall & Deer Park. Both venues are all-day trips (bring a packed lunch etc), and inexpensive (under £10 including bus fares). More details next week.

As the University Term ends, many of you will be leaving Loughborough for the last time, travelling back across the world to your home countries. Please tell me when you are leaving, so we can wish you well for the future. That will also give me opportunity to update theOPEN-HOUSE membership list. Wherever you are in the world, you can keep in touch with all we do by accessing our website: http://openhouselboro2006.blog.fc2.com. It is kept up-to-date with news and photographs, and has many useful links for you to access. Your families and friends – and colleagues - will also find our website useful and informative.

May you all know God’s blessing,


Holy Bible

Studying the Holy Bible will enrich – and can change – your life. Are you up to that? Would you be wiling to commit some time to that? There are several people who would be delighted to help you. Ask Judith and she will be able to direct you to someone who can ‘open’ the wonders of God’s revealed Word to you.

We are often asked: ‘Where can I buy a Chinese Bible?’ If you would like a Chinese/English Bible then contact the COCM (Chinese Overseas Christian Mission) Bookshop at Milton Keynes. They have a huge selection and will be delighted to advise you; a New Testament for about £3, and a complete Bible (New and Old Testaments) at about £18 - available in both New Chinese Version & English NIV (New International Version).

You can contact COCM on 01908 234 100 or visit their website at www.cocm.org.uk/bookroom.
And of course ~ they speak Chinese!
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