2011.08.25 (Thu)

OpenHouse August D

OPEN-HOUSE does not meet on Sundays during August

Had you been with us last Saturday you would have seen Jingjing, Lu and Hannah displaying their animal skills with a pack of Beagle-hounds and some friendly race-horses, and one of our group being transformed into a ‘fairy’ (but I’ve promised Chen I wouldn’t mention his name). It was a really sunny and happy day – village visits are always interesting!

Monday, 29th August, is a Public Holiday in the U.K. Come with us to the ‘Old Dalby Day’ Village Fete. This is an all-day English cultural experience. Vintage vehicles, dog shows, theatre, baby competitions, books, music, bargain stalls, gifts, sport, animals, marching-bands, Morris Dancing, food and crafts, heritage animals, etc, etc …. The day out will cost about £2 – bring your own picnic lunch. We have some vacant car seats, so let me know NOW if you would like to come with us.

Our intrepid volunteers continue to show their bravery and ingenuity; would you believe that Judith, Cathy and Rose are in training for the Scottish Highland Games – tossing the caber, no less!

May you all know God’s blessing,




The weekly Bible-Study Group carries on throughout the year. If you would like to know more about God’s Word, and the Christian faith, then contact Judith on petros.rock@hotmail.co.uk and she will be delighted to give you more information.

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