2011.09.15 (Thu)

OpenHouse Sept 18

Hello Friends,

Join us at OPEN-HOUSE on next Sunday afternoon, 18th September. Meeting from 2:30 pm - 4:30pm in the ‘Lounge’ at Emmanuel Church Centre, 43 Forest Road. Aaron Anstey with Kevin Richardswill be your hosts. Please bring something to eat with you. You may cook it yourselves, or buy something in the supermarket. We’ll all share together and have lots of fun. Tasty dishes from England, China, France, Scotland, Ethiopia, Taiwan, India, Italy, Japan, Wales ……. yum, yum!

Bring a friend with you - (they can also bring food) ~OPEN-HOUSE is especially for overseas visitors to L’boro; students, academics, employees, families or singles, children and adults; those for whom the U.K. is a ‘foreign’ land!

At this time of the year students, academics, and multinational employees (with their families!) arrive from other parts of the world to work and study in Loughborough. Arriving in a ‘foreign’ country, with an unfamiliar language and ‘strange’ customs, can be quite frightening, and many may be lonely or homesick. To help them make new friends in the UK please invite them to OPEN-HOUSE ~ we are always pleased to welcome newcomers and help them settle ~ offering hospitality is a very important part of our Christian teaching and culture.

May you all experience God's wonderful blessing,




The weekly Bible-Study Group meets throughout the year.
If you would like to know more about God’s Word, and the Christian faith,
then contact Judith - petros.rock@hotmail.co.uk and she will be delighted to give you more information.


'Bring-and-Share' meals are very popular concept in the UK. We all like to ask our friends to a party or meal – and we all like going to meals and parties. But that can be expensive. So, we have 'Bring-and-Share' parties and meals where the host/hostess provides the venue and basics - and the guests provide everything else.

Whenever you are invited to a 'Bring-and-Share' party, meal, the idea is that every guest brings something to eat and drink - and it all goes on a table to be shared with everybody else. So, if everybody brings something different, then we all enjoy an interesting meal together.
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