2013.03.24 (Sun)

Sunday 24th March

Hello Friends,

Tomorrow, Thursday 21st, you are invited to a Free Lunchtime Concert at Emmanuel Church - refreshments at 12 noon; concert begins at 12.45 pm. And on Saturday, 23rd, Aaron is organising an Afternoon Walk - email Aaron at ansteya@yahoo.co.uk if you are interested.

We meet next Sunday afternoon, 24th March, from 2.30 pm until 4.30 pm in the ‘Lounge’ @ Emmanuel Church Centre, 43 Forest Road. Your hosts will be Guy, Wendy and Helen with many other volunteers! OPEN-HOUSE International Friendship Café is especially for overseas visitors to Loughborough (students, academics, employees ~ married or single, children and adults); those for whom the U.K. is a ‘foreign’ land!

Sunday is Palm Sunday in the Christian Calendar, and if you join the 'English Table' on Sunday afternoon, its meaning within the Easter story will be explained to you!
May you all experience God’s wonderful blessing,



Dates & Events for your 2013 Diary ~~~

28 Thu        ‘Maundy’ Thursday
29 Fri          Good Friday
30 Sat         Clocks go FORWARD by one hour in the UK on fourth Saturday!
31 Sun        British ‘Summer Time’ Begins
31 Sun        Easter Sunday – join us at 6 am on Beacon Hill to celebrate ‘Son~Rise’!

01 Mon        Easter Monday – Bank Holiday (public holiday) - join us for a country walk.
01 Mon        'All Fools Day'– watch out for sneaky tricks before noon!!!
05 Fri          Chinese Ching Ming Jie Festival (‘Tomb Sweeping’ or ‘Mourning’ Day)
07 Sun        International Tea @ John Storer House – ‘Bring-n-Share’ meal followed by stimulating talk. Everybody is welcome – 5 pm to 7 pm - http://sfellowship.org
15 Mon        University Summer Term begins.


Problems with CDs or DVDs ?

Modern DVD and Audio CD discs contain Regional Codes which are used to prevent the playback of certain discs depending upon geographical areas. In many instances, discs manufactured in one region will usually only play on players that were manufactured for that same region - for example, discs bought or imported from Japan cannot be used in the US, or discs bought or imported from China cannot be used in Britain - and vice versa.

Some DVDs are coded for Region 0. This means they will play in any of the six regular regions.
There are also DVD players that don't check the region coding of the DVD. They will play any disc from any region, and are generally referred to as Code Free players.

Region Code Where it Plays
0              on any DVD player
1              US, Canada, US Territories
2              UK, Europe, Japan, Middle-East, Egypt, South Africa, Greenland
3              Taiwan (Rep of China), South Korea, Phillipines, Hong Kong, Indonesia
4              Mexico, south America, central America, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Caribbean islands
5              Eastern Europe, former Soviet Union, India, most of Africa, Mongolia, North Korea
6              People’s Republic of China

I hope this information is helpful!

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