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Sunday 2nd June 2013

Hello Friends,

It's been good to enjoy the sunshine recently; Judith and I spent several days walking amidst the rugged North Yorks moors, and Tricia and Simon went to the West of England. Many of you were studying hard, but I do hope you all enjoyed the lovely weekend. Kevin led us on a wonderful walk on Monday, to parts I'd never been before (see below). The north-west of Loughborough is rich in history and it was interesting to discover the medieval 'Stonebow Bridge' and the later 'Obelisk'.

Helen Crowhurst had surgery on her foot last week but is looking forward to a complete recovery. However, Pearl and Thiam Chung are both unwell and would appreciate our prayer. Meanwhile, Naomi and Jonathan Robinson are blissfully happy on honeymoon!

We meet next Sunday afternoon, 2nd June, from 2.30 pm until 4.30 pm in the ‘Lounge’ in the ‘Lounge’ @ Emmanuel Church Centre, 43 Forest Road. Your hosts will be Tricia, Wendy and Cristal - with several other volunteers! OPEN-HOUSE International Friendship Café is especially for overseas visitors to Loughborough (students, academics, employees ~ married or single, children and adults); those for whom the U.K. is a ‘foreign’ land!

Also on Sunday, from 5 pm until 7 pm, you are invited to an International Tea @ John Storer House. It's a ‘Bring-n-Share’ meal followed by a stimulating talk.   Everybody is welcome, but do try to bring some food to share with others. http://sfellowship.org.

May you all experience God’s wonderful blessing,



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June >>>
01 Sat          Meteorological Summer begins today
                        (always 1st or 2nd).
08 Sat          H.M. the Queen - Official Birthday
12 Wed        Chinese Dragon Boat Festival - Tuen Ng.
16 Sun         ‘Father’s Day’ – tell your dad that you love him!!
20 Thu         Astronomical Summer begins today (usually
                        20 or 21) – Summer Solstice.
21 Fri           Longest Day
24 Mon        Midsummer Day

Historic Loughborough

We walked on part of the Garendon Estate and took a close look at the 'obelisk'. The 80 foot high Obelisk was built by Ambrose Phillips in 1735, just before his death in 1737. It is one of three 'follies' on the estate, the others being a Temple of Venus (inspired by the Temple of Sibyl at Tivoli) and a Triumphal Arch (a reproduction of the Arch of Titus in the Roman Forum) - both are visible from Ashby Road near Snells Nook Lane. The Obelisk was at the edge of the estate near Thorpe moors. It is a rendered red brick structure with an iron plate at the bottom, supported on four balls to a pedestal. It is a Grade II listed building. Another ruined structure in woods nearby could have been an ice house.

The Obelisk is off the centre line of the others by about 90 degrees (try Google maps - look for the shadow of the Obelisk). If you draw a line through the arch and the temple it ends up at the University. If you draw a line from where the Hall was, through the Obelisk, it crosses the other line at the University. As Burleigh House stood on this point it suggests that the Garendon follies were a statement to the great house. Or is that coincidence?

The Stonebow Bridge (also a Grade II listed structure) is of medieval origin; constructed of rubble stone with three arches, it would have been an important and well used entry into Loughborough (Dishley) hundreds of years ago.

The Garendon estate dates back to 1133 when an abbey was founded for Cistercian monks by the Earl of Leicester. The Church was destroyed by Thomas Cromwell in 1536. A Hall stood in the grounds but was gutted by the Army in WW2; a POW camp was also on the site during this period. The Hall was demolished and the rubble used in the construction of the nearby M1 motorway.
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