2014.01.25 (Sat)

22nd January 2014

Hello Friends,

Tomorrow, Thursday 23rd, there is a Free Lunchtime Concert at Emmanuel Church (refreshments at 12 noon, concert begins 12.45 pm) to which all are welcome.

We all meet next Sunday afternoon, 26th January, from 2.30 pm until 4.30 pm in the ‘Lounge’ @ Emmanuel Church Centre, 43 Forest Road. Your hosts will be Philip, Helen and David ~ with several other volunteers! OPEN-HOUSE International Friendship Café welcomes overseas visitors to Loughborough (students, academics, employees, residents - married or single, children and adults) - those for whom the U.K. is a ‘foreign’ land.

Please invite your overseas friends to join us on Sundays - we have travel books, games of skill, toys for the children, nice refreshments - and especially the opportunity to make new friends, learn about different places, and practice your English.

British people have insurance cover for theft or accidents in and around their homes.   Do you have insurance to cover theft or accidents to your property, especially for laptops, cameras and important documents etc?   We are constantly hearing of laptops stolen from student houses, or cameras and passports taken from pockets whilst sightseeing.   More importantly, always ensure that your computer hard-drive is backed up (preferably to a 'cloud' service, or to a separate, hidden, hard-drive) so if it is broken or stolen you do not lose many years hard work!   Your laptop may be cheap to replace, but you can never replace the material stored on it - perhaps many years research work.   You can acquire 'cloud' web-based storage from many sources, including your anti-virus provider.

May you all experience God’s wonderful blessing,



Dates for your Diary ~~~


31 Fri             Chinese New Year (1st 2nd and 3rd day of 1st lunar month)
31 Fri             to 5 Feb.  Chinese Spring Festival

02 Sun         2.30 pm - 'Bring-&-Share' Meal @ OPEN-HOUSE to celebrate
                          Spring Festival. bring your own choice of food to share with
                          everyone else!

02 Sun         5 pm - International Tea @ John Storer House – ‘Bring-n-Share’
followed by stimulating talk.   Everybody is welcome.  
                             5 pm to 7 pm.
13 Thu          Free Lunchtime Concert at Emmanuel Church
                                 (refreshments at 12 noon, concert begins at 12.45 pm.)
14 Fri           Saint Valentine’s Day ~ mmm, very romantic!



'Bring-and-Share' meals are very popular in the UK.   We like inviting friends to a party or meal – and we all like going to meals and parties - but that can be expensive.   So, we have 'Bring-and-Share' parties/meals where the host/hostess provides the venue and basics - and the guests provide everything else.

Whenever you are invited to a 'Bring-&-Share' party or meal, the idea is that every guest brings something to eat and drink - and it all goes on the table to be shared with everybody else.   So, if everybody brings something different, then we all enjoy an interesting meal together.   It usually works out well, so take whatever you would like to eat/drink.   Bon appetite!
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