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9th July 2014

Hello Friends,

Have you met any new international students recently?   On campus, or shopping in the town centre?  Please tell them about OPEN-HOUSE ~ even better, bring them with you on Sunday afternoon, and introduce them to many new friends.

We’ll meet next Sunday afternoon (13th July) from 2.30 pm until 4.30 pm in the ‘Lounge’ @ Emmanuel Church Centre, 43 Forest Road ~ your hosts will be , Kevin, Wendy, Helen, and Thiam ~ plus other volunteers!  OPEN-HOUSE International Friendship Café welcomes overseas visitors to Loughborough (students, academics, employees, residents - married or single, children and adults) - those for whom the U.K. is a ‘foreign’ land.

Do invite your overseas friends to join us on Sunday afternoons - we have travel books, games of skill, toys for the children, refreshments - and opportunities to make new friends, learn about different places, and practice your English.

The 15th July is 'St. Swithin's Day' when, traditionally, it is said that whatever the weather is like on that day, it will continue so for the next forty days.   A well-known medieval rhyme states that: "St Swithin's day if thou dost rain, for forty days it will remain.   St. Swithin's day if thou be fair, for forty days 'twill rain nae mair".   Ask on Sunday what these old-English/Saxon words mean.   St. Swithin (born in Wessex and educated in its capital, Winchester) was Bishop of Winchester and famous for his charity and building churches.   I do hope the sun shines next Tuesday !!

Are you returning to your home country soon ?   Please email me, so I can keep the Membership List up to date. I've repeated the 'security' warning in this letter - we want you to be safe, always !

May you all experience God’s wonderful blessing,



Dates for your Diary ~~~

JULY >>>
15/16/17/18            University Graduation Ceremonies
18 Fri           University - Graduation Ball
20 Sun         We shall meet today in the Church HALL (not the Centre)

AUGUST >>> (No Sunday meetings for OPEN-HOUSE during August !!)
16 Sat          Eastwell - Village Fete - transport needed for
                                        this all-day event!    www.eastwellfete.co.uk    
25 Mon         Summer Bank Holiday (public holiday) -
25 Mon         ‘Old Dalby Day' – Village Fete - transport needed for
                                        this all-day event!   http://olddalbyday.org.uk


- >>>>> SECURITY <<<<<-

… will you will travel in the UK or Europe this year …?

There are ‘pick-pockets’ and thieves in every country in the world.   They ‘work’ in crowded places, shops, markets and tourist ‘honeypots’ (thieves even operate in University libraries).   So, never leave your valuables where you cannot see them.   Be wise – hide your important documents and cash, and never show off valuable equipment or jewellery!   Never put cameras, laptops, passports, cards, tickets or money into your back pocket, or into a back-pack – thieves and pickpockets are capable of stealing your possessions out of a pocket or backpack, and you will not even feel them.   Be discreet with valuables, and keep them where you can see them and feel them - in a secure waist-bag in front of you.   Thieves may try to distract you, so never leave your property unattended.
There are places in the world where it may be unwise for women (or men!) to walk alone, especially at night, and you are advised to carry a small 'personal alarm' for security.   Try to stay with a group as much as possible, and ensure you only use registered taxis.

If ever you feel threatened, find a police officer – they are there to help you.

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