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25th March 2015

Hello Friends,

Many of you are delighted that the University's Spring Term ends this week.   But, are you aware that in the UK we all put our clocks and watches forward by one hour on the last Saturday of March?   So, before you go to bed on Saturday, turn your clocks FORWARD by ONE HOUR ~ then, when you wake up on Sunday, it will be to British 'Summer' Time.
We'll meet next Sunday afternoon (29th March) from 2.30 pm until 4.30 pm in the ‘Lounge’ @ Emmanuel Church Centre, 43 Forest Road; your 'hosts' will be Kevin, Jean, John, Linda, and David ~ plus other volunteers! OPEN-HOUSE International Friendship Café welcomes overseas visitors to Loughborough (students, academics, employees, residents - married or single, children and adults); those for whom the U.K. is a ‘foreign’ land!

Invite your overseas colleagues and friends to join us on Sunday afternoons ~ we have travel books, games of skill, toys for the children, refreshments ~ and opportunities for making new friends, learn about different places, and practice your English.

Be very wary next Wednesday, because here in the UK the 1st of April is All Fools Day ~ a time when we like to play little tricks on our friends (before noon!). 
Next week's e-letter will bring you news of 'Good' Friday, 'Easter' Sunday (with the 'Son-Rise' Service and an International Tea), and a lovely 'Mystery Walk' on Easter Monday (public holiday).

May you all experience God’s wonderful blessing,



Dates for your Diary ~~~

27 Fri           University Spring 2015 Term ends.
28 Sat          Clocks go FORWARD by one hour in the UK on fourth Saturday!
29 Sun         British ‘Summer Time’ Begins
29 Sun         Palm Sunday

01 Wed        ‘All Fools Day’watch out for sneaky tricks before noon!!!
02 Thu          ‘Maundy’ Thursday
03 Fri           'Good' Friday - Bank Holiday (public holiday)
05 Sun         Chinese Ching Ming Jie Festival (‘Tomb Sweeping’ or ‘Mourning’ Day)
                    4th to 6th.
05 Sun         Easter Sunday – join us at 6 am on Beacon Hill to celebrate
                    ‘Son~Rise’ !
05 Sun         International Tea @ John Storer House – ‘Bring-n-Share’ meal
                    followed by stimulating talk.   Everybody is welcome –
                    5 pm to 7 pm.   http://sfellowship.org.
06 Mon         Easter Monday – Bank Holiday (public holiday).  
                    ‘mystery’ WALK - details later.

??  DAY OUT - Where ?? ??     WALK - Local or Further away – Where ??
?? ... Nottingham Castle / Ironbridge / the National Space Centre & Abbey Pumping Station  /  Wollaton Hall  /  Somewhere Else ... ??


… are you travelling in the UK or Europe this year …?

There are ‘pick-pockets’ and thieves in every country in the world.   They ‘work’ in crowded places, shops, markets and tourist ‘honeypots’ (thieves even operate in University libraries).   So, never leave your valuables where you cannot see them.   Be wise – hide your important documents and cash, and never show off valuable equipment or jewellery!   Never put cameras, laptops, passports, cards, tickets or money into your back pocket, or into a back-pack – thieves and pickpockets are capable of stealing your possessions out of a pocket or backpack, and you will not even feel them.   Be discreet with valuables, and keep them where you can see them and feel them - in a secure waist-bag in front of you. Thieves may try to distract you, so never leave your property unattended.
There are places in the world where it may be unwise for women (or men!) to walk alone, especially at night, and you are advised to carry a small 'personal alarm' for security.   Try to stay with a group as much as possible, and ensure you only use registered taxis.

If ever you feel threatened, find a police officer – they are there to help you.
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