2015.08.07 (Fri)

22nd July 2015

Hello Friends,

Many of you are looking forward to a lovely Day Out at Ironbridge on Friday, July 24th ~ have you asked David to put you on his list (davidgdavies321@gmail.com)? 

Next Sunday, 26th July, you are all invited to a GARDEN PARTY at Emmanuel Church in the afternoon!   Come along at 2.30 pm as usual, and meet many lovely people as the congregation meets together for relaxation, conversation, food, friendship, entertainment ~ a happy time for young and old ~ you will be made very welcome.

On Wednesday, 29th July, we look forward to a Day Out at Wollaton Park & Hall near Nottingham.   Total costs (transport and tour of the house) will be about £14, and you will need to bring something to eat and drink (there is an excellent café there), your camera, an umbrella (!), and a plastic bag to sit on if the grass is damp.   MEET: outside Emmanuel Church at 9.15 am, or at the bus-stop in Baxtergate at 9.35 am.   Don't be late, 'cos the bus won't wait.

>>>   During the month of August we do not meet on Sunday afternoons   <<<
so the next Sunday meeting of OPEN-HOUSE will be on 6th September!

We recommend that you try and come to one of the Village Fêtes in August - traditional England at its best.   Take a shower-proof top, an umbrella, your camera and some cash.
On Saturday, 22nd August, we shall spend the day at Eastwell Village Fete.   Total cost will be about £5 - contact David Davies if you need transport:  davidgdavies321@gmail.com Volunteer drivers required More fête info at http://www.eastwellfete.co.uk/.
On Monday, 31st August (a public holiday), we shall spend the day at Old Dalby - Village Fete.   Total cost will be about £5 - contact Aaron Anstey if you need transport:  anstey50@googlemail.com.  Volunteer drivers required.    More fête info at http://olddalbyday.old-dalby.org.uk.
It's that time of year when we say 'goodbye' to old friends who are returning to their home countries, far away.   Please email me and tell me when you are leaving, so I can adjust the membership list - we can always keep in contact via our website.

May you all experience God’s wonderful blessing,



For those of you with young children (or even the older ones amongst us!) our local Council are arranging for 'Loughborough-by-the-Sea' to come to the Market Place on Sunday, 2nd August until Wednesday 5th.   Activities will include children's games, Fun-Fair rides, circus skills, sand-pits and face-painting.   There will be 'guest appearances' by 'Pirate Pete', 'Pogo the Clown', 'Sylvanian Families' ~ and 'Punch & Judy' (oh good!).   See you on the beach, kids!  
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