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20th March 2016


International Friendship Café

... we welcome all visitors to Loughborough from other nations ~ to enjoy a time of warmth and friendship ...
... the 'Lounge' at Emmanuel Church Centre - 43 Forest Road, LE11 3NW ... most Sundays, 2.30 pm till 4.30 pm ...

From the OPEN-HOUSE Team ...
Next Sunday, 20th March 2016 from 2.30 pm until 4.30 pm
Refreshments, games, information, laughter, conversation, FRIENDSHIP and more!

... tell your overseas friends about OPEN-HOUSE ~ and bring them with you ...

OPEN-HOUSE welcomes overseas visitors of all ages, and from all nations and cultures, to a place where friendships can be made - to the mutual benefit of all


Welcome to the OPEN-HOUSE weekly news mail.

If you are not already aware, several shops and businesses in Loughborough offer discounts on prices to holders of a “Love Loughborough” card.   The latest business to join this scheme is the Clarks shoe shop in Market Place Loughborough.   If you would like to obtain a card then apply online using this link ... http://loveloughborough.co.uk/loyalty-card/

The next OPEN-HOUSE walk will be on Easter Monday - a MYSTERY WALK.   Further details will be available on Sunday afternoon, or in Andrew’s next email letter.
Advance Notice:  Before you go to bed on Saturday, 26th March, you must turn all your clocks and watches FORWARD by ONE HOUR.   Then you will get up at the correct time on Sunday – British Summer Time !
Earlier this week burglars attempted to enter a student house and steal laptops, cash, papers etc.   You MUST make sure that all windows and doors are securely locked – and inform both the University Security service and the local Police if your rooms are ever broken into.   Please, read the Security note below.
Rota On Sunday 6 March

Key:- Clive          Refreshments:- Judith          Mix & Mingle:- Wendy, Helen

Key dates for the month ahead
20 Sun           Astronomical Spring begins today (usually 20 or 21) –
                       Vernal Equinox.
20 Sun           Palm Sunday
25 Fri            ‘Good’ Friday
26 Sat           Clocks go FORWARD by one hour in the UK on fourth Saturday!
27 Sun          British ‘Summer Time’ Begins – hooray!
27 Sun          Easter Sunday – join us at 6.15 am on Beacon Hill to celebrate
28 Mon         Easter Monday – public holiday … ‘MYSTERY’ WALK in
                       local countryside with Clive & Judith.
                       More details on Sunday, or in next week’s letter.

April >>
01 Fri            ‘All Fools Day’watch out for sneaky tricks before noon!!!
03 Sun          International Tea @ John Storer House – ‘Bring-n-Share’
                       meal followed by stimulating talk.   Everybody is welcome –
                       5 pm to 7 pm.   http://sfellowship.org.
18 Mon         University Summer 2016 Term begins.


Most British people have insurance to cover theft or accidents in and around their homes.   Do you have insurance to cover theft or accidents to your property, especially for laptops, cameras and important documents etc?   We are constantly hearing of laptops stolen from student houses, or cameras and passports taken from pockets whilst sightseeing.    Always ensure that your computer hard-drive is backed up (to a 'cloud' service, or to a separate, hidden, hard-drive) so, if it is broken or stolen, you do not lose many years hard work!   Your laptop may be cheap to replace, but you can never replace the material stored on it - perhaps many years research work.   You can acquire 'cloud' web-based storage from many sources, including your anti-virus provider.

Travel - Days Out – Holidays

There are ‘pick-pockets’ and thieves in every country in the world.   They ‘work’ in crowded places, shops, markets and tourist ‘honeypots’ (thieves even operate in University libraries).   So, don’t leave your valuables where you cannot see them.   Be wise – hide your important documents and cash, and never show off valuable equipment or jewellery!   Never put cameras, laptops, passports, cards, tickets or money into your back pocket, or into a back-pack – thieves and pickpockets are capable of stealing your possessions out of a pocket or backpack, and you will not even feel them.   Be discreet with valuables, and keep them where you can see them and feel them - in a secure waist-bag in front of you.   Never leave your bags unattended.

There are some places where it is often unwise for women (or young men) to walk on their own, especially at night, and you are advised to carry a small, inexpensive, alarm for security.   Try to stay with a group as much as possible, and ensure you only use registered taxis.
If ever you feel threatened, find a policeman – they are there to help you

All the activities of OPEN-HOUSE are open to people from every nation in the world ~ we welcome overseas visitors of all races, languages, ages, faiths and cultures ~ no-one need feel excluded. We speak in 'everyday' English so that everyone can understand everyone else. You are welcome to come to our social activities every Sunday afternoon, to walks and days out on Saturdays, and to meals and other events during the week.
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