2016.04.29 (Fri)

27th April 2016


International Friendship Café

... we welcome all visitors to Loughborough from other nations ~ to enjoy a time of warmth and friendship ...
... the 'Lounge' at Emmanuel Church Centre - 43 Forest Road, LE11 3NW ... most Sundays, 2.30 pm till 4.30 pm ...

From the OPEN-HOUSE Team ...
Next Sunday, 1st May 2016 from 2.30 pm until 4.30 pm
Refreshments, games, information, laughter, conversation, FRIENDSHIP and more!

... tell your overseas friends about OPEN-HOUSE ~ and bring them with you ...

OPEN-HOUSE welcomes overseas visitors of all ages, and from all nations and cultures, to a place where friendships can be made - to the mutual benefit of all

The weather this week has been very unpredictable.  It has been much colder and wetter than we would normally expect at this time of year.  The best way to keep informed about the weather is to consult the BBC Weather Service which you can find online at http://bbc.co.uk/weather    You can hear regular local forecasts for the Leicestershire area on BBC Radio Leicester on 104.9 FM and online.
The new Cineworld cinema on Baxtergate Loughborough is due to open on 18 May.  They may have some special ‘opening offers’ so consult their website for further information.

Key dates for the month ahead

MAY >>
01 Sun     Chinese May Day (1st to 3rd)
02 Mon     May Bank Holiday (public holiday)
05 Thu     ‘Ascension’ Day
08 Sun     International Tea @ John Storer House – ‘Bring-n-Share’
                       meal followed by stimulating talk.   Everybody is welcome –
                       5 pm to 7 pm.   http://sfellowship.org.
15 Sun     Pentecost / Whitsun
22 Sun     Trinity Sunday.  ‘International’ Bring&Share Lunch at Emmanuel
                       Church, from 12.30 pm, to which all O-H members are invited
                       (please bring some food!)
30 Mon     Spring Bank Holiday

All the activities of OPEN-HOUSE are open to people from every nation in the world ~ we welcome overseas visitors of all races, languages, ages, faiths and cultures ~ no-one need feel excluded.   We speak in everyday English so that everyone can understand everyone else.   You are welcome to come to our social activities every Sunday afternoon, to walks and days out on Saturdays, and to meals and other events during the week.

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