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29th June 2016


International Friendship Café

... we welcome all visitors to Loughborough from other nations ~ to enjoy a time of warmth and friendship ...

... the 'Lounge' at Emmanuel Church Centre - 43 Forest Road, LE11 3NW ... most Sundays, 2.30 pm till 4.30 pm ...

From the OPEN-HOUSE Team ...

            Next Sunday, 3rd July 2016 from 2.30 pm until 4.30 pm

Refreshments, games, information, laughter, conversation, FRIENDSHIP and more!

... tell your overseas friends about OPEN-HOUSE ~ and bring them with you ...

OPEN-HOUSE welcomes overseas visitors of all ages, and from all nations and cultures, to a place where friendships can be made - to the mutual benefit of all

It’s July already ..... Summer must surely be coming soon!   But there is plenty to keep us busy, beginning with a super day out to NOTTINGHAM CASTLE this Saturday.   Read the attachment for all the details – meet outside Emmanuel Church at 8.50 am (or at Baxtergate at 9.05 am).

Key dates for the month ahead

2 Mon    Join us for a DAY OUT to Nottingham Castle – see Clive and Judith for details.
2 Mon    Redemption Concert at Emmanuel Church at 7.30 pm.
               Natalie Twigg performs on oboe and keyboard with selections
               from Cathedral Whispers. 7-30 pm. Admission £5 -adults /
               £3-50 - children (includes interval refreshments).
15 Fri    ‘Saint Swithun’s Day’ – ask Kevin – he knows!!
22 Fri    Day Out to National Space Centre & Abbey Pumping Museum in Leicester.

All the activities of OPEN-HOUSE are open to people from every nation in the world ~ we welcome overseas visitors of all races, languages, ages, faiths and cultures ~ no-one need feel excluded. We speak in everyday English so that everyone can understand everyone else. You are welcome to come to our social activities every Sunday afternoon, to walks and days out on Saturdays, and to meals and other events during the week.

'The Pilgrim's Progress'

by John Bunyan

With the exception of the Bible, 'The Pilgrim's Progress' has been read by more people than any other book in the English language - and translated into hundreds of other languages including Chinese.   A classic of English literature, it is a fascinating allegory - true to life as experienced by genuine Christians - and has a vital message for contemporary men and women.

John Bunyan lived during the turbulent times of English Civil War and strife between the 'Established Church' and the 'Protestant Nonconformists'.   Parliament and Nonconformists waged war against King Charles and the Church (1642-1648).   Aged sixteen, Bunyan was drafted into the Protestant army, serving for two years.   The Protestants, under Oliver Cromwell won; Bunyan then returned home to Bedford, married, was baptized, and travelled the countryside as a tinker (mending metal pots and pans) and preacher, becoming known for his powerful message.

When the dictator Oliver Cromwell, died, King Charles II and the English Church came to power.   Bunyan was sent to jail in 1660 because he refused to stop preaching from the Bible, remaining there for twelve years, until Charles II suspended all laws against the Nonconformists.   The first part of 'Pilgrim's Progress', most of which had been written in jail, was published in 1678, and part two was published in 1684.

Despite the cadence and rhythm of Bunyan's prose as originally written, Bunyan's narrative about the journey of the pilgrim Christian and his wife, Christina, is difficult to read, requiring a dictionary of middle-English / Anglo-Saxon words, and many of the words used by Bunyan have since changed in meaning.

Since its first publication in 1678 the book has never been out of print!   The Charles Daudert edition translates the obscure medieval Anglo-Saxon words, and the J. John rendering of the book uses modern English.   Both versions bring new life and understanding to Bunyan's spiritually challenging book.

'The Pilgrim's Progress' - contemporary re-telling by 'J. John
(ISBN: 978-0-9573890-4-5) - about £8.

'The Pilgrim's Progress' - modern English version edited by Charles Daudert
(ISBN: 978-0945732099) - about £7.

You can obtain these books from the Good News Bookshop
at the upper end of Churchgate in Loughborough (very friendly staff !!)

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