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27th July 2016


International Friendship Café

... we welcome all visitors to Loughborough from other nations ~ to enjoy a time of warmth and friendship ...

... the 'Lounge' at Emmanuel Church Centre - 43 Forest Road, LE11 3NW ... most Sundays, 2.30 pm till 4.30 pm ...

From the OPEN-HOUSE Team ...

            Next Sunday, 31st July 2016 from 2.30 pm until 4.30 pm

Refreshments, games, information, laughter, conversation, FRIENDSHIP and more!

... tell your overseas friends about OPEN-HOUSE ~ and bring them with you ...

OPEN-HOUSE welcomes overseas visitors of all ages, and from all nations and cultures, to a place where friendships can be made - to the mutual benefit of all

Tomorrow, Friday, 29th July we are having a Day Out at Leicester’s National Space Centre, and the Abbey Pumping Station Museum.   Total cost, about £20, includes travel and entry.   Please meet outside Emmanuel Church (LE11 3NW) promptly at 9 am – return by about 5 pm.   More details from Clive or Judith.

This Sunday will be the very last OPEN-HOUSE Sunday meeting until September, as we do not meet on Sundays  during the month of August.   We will keep you informed of any OPEN-HOUSE special events during the month of August by e-mail and Facebook.

 If you would like to have access to the OPEN-HOUSE closed group on Facebook then please contact Andrew Rick on mailto:andrew.rick@talktalk.net.
From the whole OPEN-HOUSE team
we hope that you enjoy your Summer holidays

Key dates for the month ahead


20 Sat     Eastwell Village Fete
            (requires a Volunteer to organise transport/cars !)
29 Mon    Summer Bank Holiday (public holiday)
29 Mon    Day Out to Old Dalby Village Fete
            (requires a Volunteer to organise transport/cars !)


04 Sun     OPEN-HOUSE starts again ... bring your friends ..... hooray !!!

All the activities of OPEN-HOUSE are open to people from every nation in the world ~ we welcome overseas visitors of all races, languages, ages, faiths and cultures ~ no-one need feel excluded. We speak in everyday English so that everyone can understand everyone else. You are welcome to come to our social activities every Sunday afternoon, to walks and days out on Saturdays, and to meals and other events during the week.

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