2017.01.19 (Thu)

4th January 2017


International Friendship

... we welcome all visitors to Loughborough from other nations ~ to enjoy a time of warmth and friendship ...

... the 'Lounge' at Emmanuel Church Centre - 43 Forest Road, LE11 3NW ... most Sundays, 2.30 pm till 4.30 pm ...

Don’t forget ….. Sunday 8th January is …..


from 2.30 pm until 4.30 pm

Refreshments, games, information, laughter, conversation, FRIENDSHIP and more!

Tell your overseas friends about OPEN-HOUSE ~ and bring them with you.

06 Fri          Epiphany
09 Mon         University Spring 2017 Term begins.
19 Thu         Free Lunchtime Concert at Emmanuel Church (refreshments at
                       12 noon, concert begins at 12.45 pm. 
25 Wed         Robert Burns Night
27 Fri          Chinese New Year’s Eve
28 Sat         Chinese New Year (1st 2nd and 3rd day of 1st lunar month)
29 Sun         Christian Aid Lunch in Emmanuel Centre (until 2 pm ‘ish)
29 Sun         Chinese Spring Festival – Golden Week

All the activities of OPEN-HOUSE are open to people from every nation in the world ~ we welcome overseas visitors of all races, languages, ages, faiths and cultures ~ no-one need feel excluded.

We speak in everyday English so that everyone can understand everyone else.

You are welcome to come to our social activities on Sunday afternoons, to walks and days out on Saturdays, and to meals and other events during the week.
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